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SE W995 VS Nokia N86 8MP Camera Phone



First to be discussed is the SE W995, this phone can take pictures that are available through the menu or pressing the camera shortcut on the right side of the phone. Image quality when taking pictures during the day looks better, brighter and clear. It is also caused by a large resolution, so there was no doubt.

If you take pictures at night in dark ( at night), it will produces a well-lit images with objects at close range. While for the distance 0ject, the images will appear dark, even though assisted with flash. In the feature of this camera, you can find several options to produce better images more like white balance, color effects, and so on.

Nokia also has a camera feature with 8 MP resolution and has a fine image quality. If we taking picture during the day,  it will produce a brighter and clear image. Same with taking pictures at night with close objects, the result was clear and bright. Whereas if the remote objects, the result will be dark and not good. If you want the better picture again, you can set the white balance option and the effect the other.

Sony Ericsson W995

Sony Ericsson W995

For the second image quality of this phone, in daytime conditions produce images as good. Whereas at night, the result looks a little brighter Sony Ericsson W995 compared with Nokia N86.

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  1. well, camera phones always come in handy whenever there are important events and parties ‘

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