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How To Update Nokia N97 Firmware

How To Update Nokia N97 Firmware

How To Update Nokia N97 Firmware

There are 2 ways to update the firmware Nokia N97. There’s An easy way and a bit complicated way. We’ll show you an easy way first. Nokia N97 supports User Data Preservation, so contacts, data applications, and others simply left intact without having been tampered with. But a good idea to keep doing the backup to anticipate things that are not desirable.

An easy way, type * # 0000 # on the N97 main screen. Update screen should appear. Then go to Options->Check for updates. At this trial, we get the error message “No Updates Found”. If you experience this, please proceed to the other way. But if you’re lucky, you just follow the instructions on the screen. This only takes a few minutes.

The more complex way is as follows. Connect your Nokia N97 to a computer with PC Suite mode. Run PC Suite and open the updater software. If necessary update the PC Suite application data and software updater. Make sure your phone battery is safe to perform the update process.

Keep in mind, the computer will download a large file about 143 MB. Make sure also, the Nokia N97 still connected to the computer screen. Follow the instructions on the screen. At one stage, screen your phone will die or blink a few times. But do not worry, it is part of the update process.

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