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BlackBerry or Digital Camera?

BlackBerry or Digital Camera

BlackBerry or Digital Camera

Director of the Division PT Datascrip Canon, Canon digital camera distributors in Indonesia Merry Harun denied the presence of smartphones like the BlackBerry or the iPhone to make a digital camera fame faded.

Though many use a smartphone, but still needed a digital camera. “Features and functions of digital cameras will not be the same,” he said in Jakarta, yesterday.

According to Merry convergence devices that combine various functions in a sort of smartphone device will not make a digital camera demand plummeted. Proved this year the digital camera market size in the country is estimated to reach 800 thousand units. While next year is expected to grow to 900 thousand units.

While this year which is the momentum of rapid growth of BlackBerry, do not shake digital camera sales. Even when compared to last year sales of Canon digital camera this year growth is still happening.

“Actually, we predict this year’s growth does not occur, because of the crisis and the various internal factors in the country. But it can still grow, “he said.

On the other hand mobile phone vendors continued racing up the resolution and camera capabilities that resembles a digital camera. In 2008 Sony Ericsson is the first to introduce mobile phone with a 9-megapixel camera. In February 2009, Sony Ericsson introduces Satio with 12.1 megapixel resolution.

This step is also followed by many competitors, including Samsung. While the BlackBerry is not just rely on email but also update the multimedia and camera functions. While the iPhone’s camera features a wide screen, is also favored by consumers.

But the camera feature on the phone is not believed to be developing as a digital camera. Merry digital camera models in innovation to compete in terms of thinness. However, Canon still maintaining the thickness of the lens, because if it is made thinner then the effect on image quality.

The more innovative camera features Canon is also anticipated. Canon digital cameras have adopted touch-screen features that were previously used in popular laptops and mobile devices.

But Merry called a digital camera with touch screen will not be large. Because the digital camera with touch screen is more to offer to consumers who need such devices.

“Camera with touch screen for consumers who are used to the touch screen as usual using the iPhone,” said Merry.

Then if Canon will also jump into the smartphone market by relying on the camera features the already famous? Merry dismiss the opportunity. He said the phone is not Canon’s area of specialization. “I do not think so, because the Canon has the edge in the field of the camera and not moving in the field of telecommunications,” he said.

While in terms of price, said Merry said Canon digital camera devices competitive. One of the marketing strategy of Canon digital camera is to multiply the range offering, including devices that deliver more affordable.

Merry said the devices at lower prices contributed to big sales. While Canon digital camera market is also cheap which is only Rp 1.3 million per unit.

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